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Data Structures | Data Fields
SidEmulation Struct Reference

#include <sid.h>

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Data Structures

struct  SidFilter
struct  SidOsc
struct  SidRegisters

Data Fields

int sFrameCount
unsigned char writtenRegisterValues [NUMBER_OF_SID_REGISTERS_FOR_SNAPSHOT]
struct SidEmulation::SidRegisters sid
struct SidEmulation::SidOsc osc [3]
struct SidEmulation::SidFilter filter
unsigned int sMuteVoice [3]
unsigned long sCycles
unsigned long sAdsrBugTriggerTime
unsigned long sAdsrBugFrameCount
float cyclesPerSample
float cycleOverflow
unsigned level_DC
int limit_LFSR
int envelope_counter_period [16]
int envelope_counter_period_clck [16]
unsigned long mixing_frequency
unsigned long freqmul
int filtmul
unsigned long cyclesPerSec
unsigned long sLastFrameCount
unsigned char bval
unsigned short wval
unsigned long sLastPolledOsc
SDL_SpinLock spinlock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 78 of file sid.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bval

unsigned char bval

Definition at line 145 of file sid.h.

◆ cycleOverflow

float cycleOverflow

Definition at line 131 of file sid.h.

◆ cyclesPerSample

float cyclesPerSample

Definition at line 130 of file sid.h.

◆ cyclesPerSec

unsigned long cyclesPerSec

Definition at line 143 of file sid.h.

◆ envelope_counter_period

int envelope_counter_period[16]

Definition at line 138 of file sid.h.

◆ envelope_counter_period_clck

int envelope_counter_period_clck[16]

Definition at line 139 of file sid.h.

◆ filter

struct SidEmulation::SidFilter filter

◆ filtmul

int filtmul

Definition at line 142 of file sid.h.

◆ freqmul

unsigned long freqmul

Definition at line 141 of file sid.h.

◆ level_DC

unsigned level_DC

Definition at line 133 of file sid.h.

◆ limit_LFSR

int limit_LFSR

Definition at line 137 of file sid.h.

◆ mixing_frequency

unsigned long mixing_frequency

Definition at line 140 of file sid.h.

◆ osc

struct SidEmulation::SidOsc osc[3]

◆ sAdsrBugFrameCount

unsigned long sAdsrBugFrameCount

Definition at line 129 of file sid.h.

◆ sAdsrBugTriggerTime

unsigned long sAdsrBugTriggerTime

Definition at line 128 of file sid.h.

◆ sCycles

unsigned long sCycles

Definition at line 127 of file sid.h.

◆ sFrameCount

int sFrameCount

Definition at line 79 of file sid.h.

◆ sid

◆ sLastFrameCount

unsigned long sLastFrameCount

Definition at line 144 of file sid.h.

◆ sLastPolledOsc

unsigned long sLastPolledOsc

Definition at line 147 of file sid.h.

◆ sMuteVoice

unsigned int sMuteVoice[3]

Definition at line 126 of file sid.h.

◆ spinlock

SDL_SpinLock spinlock

Definition at line 148 of file sid.h.

◆ writtenRegisterValues

unsigned char writtenRegisterValues[NUMBER_OF_SID_REGISTERS_FOR_SNAPSHOT]

Definition at line 80 of file sid.h.

◆ wval

unsigned short wval

Definition at line 146 of file sid.h.

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