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fileio.c File Reference
#include "xemu/emutools.h"
#include "xemu/emutools_gui.h"
#include "enterprise128.h"
#include "fileio.h"
#include "xemu/z80.h"
#include "cpu.h"
#include "emu_rom_interface.h"
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <dirent.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <errno.h>
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#define EXOS_USER_SEGMAP_P   (0X3FFFFC + memory)
#define HOST_OS_STR   "Host OS "
#define FILE_TOO_LARGE   "Too large file"
#define FILEIO_MAX_FILE_SIZE   67108864L
#define SET_CHANNEL(v)   channel = ((v) - 1) & 0xFF


void fileio_init (const char *dir, const char *subdir)
void fileio_func_open_channel_remember (void)
void fileio_func_open_or_create_channel (int create)
void fileio_func_close_channel (void)
void fileio_func_read_block (void)
void fileio_func_read_character (void)
void fileio_func_write_block (void)
void fileio_func_write_character (void)
void fileio_func_channel_read_status (void)
void fileio_func_set_channel_status (void)
void fileio_func_special_function (void)
void fileio_func_init (void)
void fileio_func_buffer_moved (void)
void fileio_func_destroy_channel (void)
void fileio_func_not_used_call (void)


char fileio_cwd [PATH_MAX+1]

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#define EXOS_USER_SEGMAP_P   (0X3FFFFC + memory)

Definition at line 36 of file fileio.c.


#define FILE_TOO_LARGE   "Too large file"

Definition at line 38 of file fileio.c.


#define FILEIO_MAX_FILE_SIZE   67108864L

Definition at line 40 of file fileio.c.


#define HOST_OS_STR   "Host OS "

Definition at line 37 of file fileio.c.


#define SET_CHANNEL (   v)    channel = ((v) - 1) & 0xFF

Definition at line 42 of file fileio.c.

Function Documentation

◆ fileio_func_buffer_moved()

void fileio_func_buffer_moved ( void  )

Definition at line 481 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_channel_read_status()

void fileio_func_channel_read_status ( void  )

Definition at line 418 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_close_channel()

void fileio_func_close_channel ( void  )

Definition at line 235 of file fileio.c.

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◆ fileio_func_destroy_channel()

void fileio_func_destroy_channel ( void  )

Definition at line 488 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_init()

void fileio_func_init ( void  )

Definition at line 468 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_not_used_call()

void fileio_func_not_used_call ( void  )

Definition at line 497 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_open_channel_remember()

void fileio_func_open_channel_remember ( void  )

Definition at line 176 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_open_or_create_channel()

void fileio_func_open_or_create_channel ( int  create)

Definition at line 183 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_read_block()

void fileio_func_read_block ( void  )

Definition at line 288 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_read_character()

void fileio_func_read_character ( void  )

Definition at line 331 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_set_channel_status()

void fileio_func_set_channel_status ( void  )

Definition at line 425 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_special_function()

void fileio_func_special_function ( void  )

Definition at line 461 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_write_block()

void fileio_func_write_block ( void  )

Definition at line 356 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_func_write_character()

void fileio_func_write_character ( void  )

Definition at line 394 of file fileio.c.

◆ fileio_init()

void fileio_init ( const char *  dir,
const char *  subdir 

Definition at line 55 of file fileio.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ fileio_cwd

char fileio_cwd[PATH_MAX+1]

Definition at line 44 of file fileio.c.