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roms.c File Reference
#include "xemu/emutools.h"
#include "xemu/emutools_files.h"
#include "xemu/emutools_config.h"
#include "enterprise128.h"
#include "roms.h"
#include "cpu.h"
#include "emu_rom_interface.h"
#include <errno.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "rom/ep128/xep_rom.hex"
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const char * rom_parse_opt (const char *optname, const char *optvalue)
int sram_save_segment (int seg)
int sram_load_segment (int seg)
int sram_save_all_segments (void)
int roms_load (void)


int xep_rom_seg = -1
int xep_rom_addr
int cfg_noexprom
const char * rom_name_tab [0x100]

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Definition at line 39 of file roms.c.

Function Documentation

◆ rom_parse_opt()

const char* rom_parse_opt ( const char *  optname,
const char *  optvalue 

Definition at line 47 of file roms.c.

◆ roms_load()

int roms_load ( void  )

Definition at line 140 of file roms.c.

◆ sram_load_segment()

int sram_load_segment ( int  seg)

Definition at line 80 of file roms.c.

◆ sram_save_all_segments()

int sram_save_all_segments ( void  )

Definition at line 87 of file roms.c.

◆ sram_save_segment()

int sram_save_segment ( int  seg)

Definition at line 73 of file roms.c.

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Variable Documentation

◆ cfg_noexprom

int cfg_noexprom

Definition at line 35 of file roms.c.

◆ fn

const char* fn

Definition at line 42 of file roms.c.

◆ rom_name_tab

const char* rom_name_tab[0x100]

Definition at line 36 of file roms.c.

◆ seg

Uint8 seg

Definition at line 41 of file roms.c.

◆ xep_rom_addr

int xep_rom_addr

Definition at line 34 of file roms.c.

◆ xep_rom_seg

int xep_rom_seg = -1

Definition at line 33 of file roms.c.