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vic6561.h File Reference
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#define LAST_SCANLINE   311


Uint8 cpu_vic_reg_read (int addr)
void cpu_vic_reg_write (int addr, Uint8 data)
void vic_init (Uint8 **lo8_pointers, Uint8 **hi4_pointers)
void vic_render_line (void)
void vic_vsync (int relock_texture)


Uint32 vic_palette [16]
int scanline

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Definition at line 35 of file vic6561.h.


#define LAST_SCANLINE   311

Definition at line 34 of file vic6561.h.



Definition at line 24 of file vic6561.h.



Definition at line 22 of file vic6561.h.



Definition at line 25 of file vic6561.h.



Definition at line 23 of file vic6561.h.



Definition at line 32 of file vic6561.h.



Definition at line 31 of file vic6561.h.

Function Documentation

◆ cpu_vic_reg_read()

Uint8 cpu_vic_reg_read ( int  addr)

Definition at line 94 of file vic6561.c.

◆ cpu_vic_reg_write()

void cpu_vic_reg_write ( int  addr,
Uint8  data 

Definition at line 107 of file vic6561.c.

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◆ vic_init()

void vic_init ( Uint8 **  lo8_pointers,
Uint8 **  hi4_pointers 

Definition at line 168 of file vic6561.c.

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◆ vic_render_line()

void vic_render_line ( void  )

Definition at line 200 of file vic6561.c.

◆ vic_vsync()

void vic_vsync ( int  relock_texture)

Definition at line 155 of file vic6561.c.

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

◆ scanline

int scanline

Definition at line 52 of file vic6561.c.

◆ vic_palette

Uint32 vic_palette[16]

Definition at line 51 of file vic6561.c.