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c64_kbd_mapping.h File Reference
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#define VIRTUAL_SHIFT_POS   0x64
#define LSHIFT_KEY_POS   0x17
#define RSHIFT_KEY_POS   0x64
#define CBM_KEY_POS   0x75
#define CTRL_KEY_POS   0x72
#define IS_KEY_PRESSED(pos)   (!(kbd_matrix[(pos) >> 4] & (1 << ((pos) & 7))))
#define RESTORE_KEY_POS   0x80
#define CAPSLOCK_KEY_POS   0x81


Uint8 c64_get_joy_state (void)
void c64_toggle_joy_emu (void)


const struct KeyMappingDefault c64_key_map []
int joystick_emu

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#define CAPSLOCK_KEY_POS   0x81

Definition at line 32 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.


#define CBM_KEY_POS   0x75

Definition at line 26 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.


#define CTRL_KEY_POS   0x72

Definition at line 27 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.


#define IS_KEY_PRESSED (   pos)    (!(kbd_matrix[(pos) >> 4] & (1 << ((pos) & 7))))

Definition at line 29 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.



Definition at line 33 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.


#define LSHIFT_KEY_POS   0x17

Definition at line 24 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.


#define RESTORE_KEY_POS   0x80

Definition at line 31 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.


#define RSHIFT_KEY_POS   0x64

Definition at line 25 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.


#define VIRTUAL_SHIFT_POS   0x64

Definition at line 22 of file c64_kbd_mapping.h.

Function Documentation

◆ c64_get_joy_state()

Uint8 c64_get_joy_state ( void  )

Definition at line 151 of file c64_kbd_mapping.c.

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◆ c64_toggle_joy_emu()

void c64_toggle_joy_emu ( void  )

Definition at line 140 of file c64_kbd_mapping.c.

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Variable Documentation

◆ c64_key_map

const struct KeyMappingDefault c64_key_map[]

Definition at line 33 of file c64_kbd_mapping.c.

◆ joystick_emu

int joystick_emu

Definition at line 137 of file c64_kbd_mapping.c.