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cpu_custom_functions.h File Reference
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#define CALL_MEMORY_READER(slot, addr)   mem_page_rd_f[slot](mem_page_rd_o[slot] + ((addr) & 0xFF))
#define CALL_MEMORY_WRITER(slot, addr, data)   mem_page_wr_f[slot](mem_page_wr_o[slot] + ((addr) & 0xFF), data)
#define CALL_MEMORY_READER_PAGED(slot, addr)   mem_page_rd_f[slot](mem_page_rd_o[slot] + addr)
#define CALL_MEMORY_WRITER_PAGED(slot, addr, data)   mem_page_wr_f[slot](mem_page_wr_o[slot] + addr, data)
#define SAVE_USED_SLOT(slot)   last_slot_ref = slot
#define MEMORY_HANDLERS_ADDR_TYPE   int area_offset
#define GET_READER_OFFSET()   area_offset
#define GET_WRITER_OFFSET()   area_offset
#define GET_OFFSET_BYTE_ONLY()   area_offset
#define GET_USED_SLOT()   last_slot_ref


typedef Uint8(* mem_page_rd_f_type) (MEMORY_HANDLERS_ADDR_TYPE)
typedef void(* mem_page_wr_f_type) (MEMORY_HANDLERS_ADDR_TYPE, Uint8 data)


void cpu65_write_linear_opcode_callback (Uint8 data)
Uint8 cpu65_read_linear_opcode_callback (void)
void cpu65_write_linear_long_opcode_callback (const Uint8 index, Uint32 data)
Uint32 cpu65_read_linear_long_opcode_callback (const Uint8 index)
void cpu65_illegal_opcode_callback (void)
int memory_cpurd2linear_xlat (Uint16 cpu_addr)
CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR Uint8 cpu65_read_callback (Uint16 addr)
CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR void cpu65_write_callback (Uint16 addr, Uint8 data)
CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR Uint8 cpu65_read_paged_callback (Uint8 page, Uint8 addr8)
CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR void cpu65_write_paged_callback (Uint8 page, Uint8 addr8, Uint8 data)
CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR void cpu65_write_rmw_callback (Uint16 addr, Uint8 old_data, Uint8 new_data)
CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR void cpu65_write_rmw_paged_callback (Uint8 page, Uint8 addr8, Uint8 old_data, Uint8 new_data)


int mem_page_rd_o []
int mem_page_wr_o []
mem_page_rd_f_type mem_page_rd_f []
mem_page_wr_f_type mem_page_wr_f []
int cpu_rmw_old_data

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CALL_MEMORY_READER (   slot,
)    mem_page_rd_f[slot](mem_page_rd_o[slot] + ((addr) & 0xFF))

Definition at line 38 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define CALL_MEMORY_READER_PAGED (   slot,
)    mem_page_rd_f[slot](mem_page_rd_o[slot] + addr)

Definition at line 40 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define CALL_MEMORY_WRITER (   slot,
)    mem_page_wr_f[slot](mem_page_wr_o[slot] + ((addr) & 0xFF), data)

Definition at line 39 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define CALL_MEMORY_WRITER_PAGED (   slot,
)    mem_page_wr_f[slot](mem_page_wr_o[slot] + addr, data)

Definition at line 41 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.



Definition at line 34 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define GET_OFFSET_BYTE_ONLY ( )    area_offset

Definition at line 46 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define GET_READER_OFFSET ( )    area_offset

Definition at line 44 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define GET_USED_SLOT ( )    last_slot_ref

Definition at line 47 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define GET_WRITER_OFFSET ( )    area_offset

Definition at line 45 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define MEMORY_HANDLERS_ADDR_TYPE   int area_offset

Definition at line 43 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.


#define SAVE_USED_SLOT (   slot)    last_slot_ref = slot

Definition at line 42 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ mem_page_rd_f_type

typedef Uint8(* mem_page_rd_f_type) (MEMORY_HANDLERS_ADDR_TYPE)

Definition at line 64 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

◆ mem_page_wr_f_type

typedef void(* mem_page_wr_f_type) (MEMORY_HANDLERS_ADDR_TYPE, Uint8 data)

Definition at line 65 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

Function Documentation

◆ cpu65_illegal_opcode_callback()

void cpu65_illegal_opcode_callback ( void  )

Definition at line 709 of file commodore_geos.c.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ cpu65_read_callback()

CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR Uint8 cpu65_read_callback ( Uint16  addr)

Definition at line 82 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

◆ cpu65_read_linear_long_opcode_callback()

Uint32 cpu65_read_linear_long_opcode_callback ( const Uint8  index)

Definition at line 885 of file memory_mapper.c.

◆ cpu65_read_linear_opcode_callback()

Uint8 cpu65_read_linear_opcode_callback ( void  )

Definition at line 869 of file memory_mapper.c.

◆ cpu65_read_paged_callback()

CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR Uint8 cpu65_read_paged_callback ( Uint8  page,
Uint8  addr8 

Definition at line 88 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

◆ cpu65_write_callback()

CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR void cpu65_write_callback ( Uint16  addr,
Uint8  data 

Definition at line 85 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

◆ cpu65_write_linear_long_opcode_callback()

void cpu65_write_linear_long_opcode_callback ( const Uint8  index,
Uint32  data 

Definition at line 898 of file memory_mapper.c.

◆ cpu65_write_linear_opcode_callback()

void cpu65_write_linear_opcode_callback ( Uint8  data)

Definition at line 876 of file memory_mapper.c.

◆ cpu65_write_paged_callback()

CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR void cpu65_write_paged_callback ( Uint8  page,
Uint8  addr8,
Uint8  data 

Definition at line 91 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

◆ cpu65_write_rmw_callback()

CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR void cpu65_write_rmw_callback ( Uint16  addr,
Uint8  old_data,
Uint8  new_data 

Definition at line 101 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

◆ cpu65_write_rmw_paged_callback()

CPU_CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_INLINE_DECORATOR void cpu65_write_rmw_paged_callback ( Uint8  page,
Uint8  addr8,
Uint8  old_data,
Uint8  new_data 

Definition at line 108 of file cpu_custom_functions.h.

◆ memory_cpurd2linear_xlat()

int memory_cpurd2linear_xlat ( Uint16  cpu_addr)

Definition at line 966 of file memory_mapper.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ cpu_rmw_old_data

int cpu_rmw_old_data

Definition at line 123 of file memory_mapper.c.

◆ mem_page_rd_f

mem_page_rd_f_type mem_page_rd_f

Definition at line 119 of file memory_mapper.c.

◆ mem_page_rd_o

int mem_page_rd_o

Definition at line 117 of file memory_mapper.c.

◆ mem_page_wr_f

mem_page_wr_f_type mem_page_wr_f

Definition at line 120 of file memory_mapper.c.

◆ mem_page_wr_o

int mem_page_wr_o

Definition at line 118 of file memory_mapper.c.