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mega65.h File Reference
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#define SDCARD_NAME   "@mega65.img"
#define NVRAM_FILE_NAME   "@nvram.bin"
#define UUID_FILE_NAME   "@uuid.bin"
#define MEGA65_ROM_NAME   "MEGA65.ROM"
#define MEGA65_ROM_SIZE   0x20000
#define CHAR_ROM_SIZE   0x1000
#define C64_MHZ_CLOCK   1.0
#define C128_MHZ_CLOCK   2.0
#define C65_MHZ_CLOCK   3.5
#define MEGA65_DEFAULT_FAST_CLOCK   40.5
#define SID_CYCLES_PER_SEC   1000000
#define AUDIO_SAMPLE_FREQ   44100


void m65mon_show_regs (void)
void m65mon_dumpmem16 (Uint16 addr)
void m65mon_dumpmem28 (int addr)
void m65mon_setmem28 (int addr, int cnt, Uint8 *vals)
void m65mon_set_trace (int m)
void m65mon_do_trace (void)
void m65mon_empty_command (void)
void m65mon_do_trace_c (void)
void m65mon_breakpoint (int brk)
void machine_set_speed (int verbose)
void reset_mega65 (void)
int reset_mega65_asked (void)
void reset_mega65_cpu_only (void)
int dump_memory (const char *fn)


int newhack
int registered_screenshot_request
Uint8 last_dd00_bits
const char * last_reset_type
int cpu_cycles_per_step
const char * cpu_clock_speed_string

Macro Definition Documentation


#define AUDIO_SAMPLE_FREQ   44100

Definition at line 50 of file mega65.h.


#define C128_MHZ_CLOCK   2.0

Definition at line 44 of file mega65.h.


#define C64_MHZ_CLOCK   1.0

Definition at line 43 of file mega65.h.


#define C65_MHZ_CLOCK   3.5

Definition at line 45 of file mega65.h.



Definition at line 35 of file mega65.h.


#define CHAR_ROM_SIZE   0x1000

Definition at line 36 of file mega65.h.


#define MEGA65_DEFAULT_FAST_CLOCK   40.5

Definition at line 47 of file mega65.h.


#define MEGA65_ROM_NAME   "MEGA65.ROM"

Definition at line 33 of file mega65.h.


#define MEGA65_ROM_SIZE   0x20000

Definition at line 34 of file mega65.h.


#define NVRAM_FILE_NAME   "@nvram.bin"

Definition at line 29 of file mega65.h.



Definition at line 41 of file mega65.h.


#define SDCARD_NAME   "@mega65.img"

Definition at line 27 of file mega65.h.


#define SID_CYCLES_PER_SEC   1000000

Definition at line 49 of file mega65.h.



Definition at line 39 of file mega65.h.



Definition at line 40 of file mega65.h.


#define UUID_FILE_NAME   "@uuid.bin"

Definition at line 30 of file mega65.h.

Function Documentation

◆ dump_memory()

int dump_memory ( const char *  fn)

Definition at line 754 of file commodore_65.c.

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◆ m65mon_breakpoint()

void m65mon_breakpoint ( int  brk)

◆ m65mon_do_trace()

void m65mon_do_trace ( void  )

◆ m65mon_do_trace_c()

void m65mon_do_trace_c ( void  )

◆ m65mon_dumpmem16()

void m65mon_dumpmem16 ( Uint16  addr)

◆ m65mon_dumpmem28()

void m65mon_dumpmem28 ( int  addr)

◆ m65mon_empty_command()

void m65mon_empty_command ( void  )

◆ m65mon_set_trace()

void m65mon_set_trace ( int  m)

◆ m65mon_setmem28()

void m65mon_setmem28 ( int  addr,
int  cnt,
Uint8 vals 

◆ m65mon_show_regs()

void m65mon_show_regs ( void  )

◆ machine_set_speed()

void machine_set_speed ( int  verbose)

Definition at line 101 of file mega65.c.

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◆ reset_mega65()

void reset_mega65 ( void  )

Definition at line 492 of file mega65.c.

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ reset_mega65_asked()

int reset_mega65_asked ( void  )

Definition at line 537 of file mega65.c.

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◆ reset_mega65_cpu_only()

void reset_mega65_cpu_only ( void  )

Definition at line 521 of file mega65.c.

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Variable Documentation

◆ cpu_clock_speed_string

const char* cpu_clock_speed_string

Definition at line 75 of file mega65.c.

◆ cpu_cycles_per_step

int cpu_cycles_per_step

Definition at line 78 of file mega65.c.

◆ last_dd00_bits

Uint8 last_dd00_bits

Definition at line 85 of file mega65.c.

◆ last_reset_type

const char* last_reset_type

Definition at line 86 of file mega65.c.

◆ newhack

int newhack

Definition at line 57 of file mega65.c.

◆ registered_screenshot_request

int registered_screenshot_request

Definition at line 83 of file mega65.c.