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audio65.c File Reference
#include "xemu/emutools.h"
#include "xemu/opl3.h"
#include "audio65.h"
#include "io_mapper.h"
#include "memory_mapper.h"
#include "configdb.h"
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#define NEED_SID_H
#define DEBUG_AUDIO_LOCKS(...)
#define MIXED_CHANNELS   10
#define STREAMS(n)   (streams + ((n) * (AUDIO_BUFFER_SAMPLES_MAX)))
#define STREAMS_SAMPLE(n, d)   ((int)(STREAMS(n)[d]))


void audio65_sid_write (const int addr, const Uint8 data)
void audio65_opl3_write (Uint8 reg, Uint8 data)
void audio65_sid_inc_framecount (void)
void audio_set_stereo_parameters (int vol, int sep)
void audio65_clear_regs (void)
void audio65_reset (void)
void audio65_start (void)
void audio65_init (int sid_cycles_per_sec, int sound_mix_freq, int volume, int separation, unsigned int buffer_size)


int stereo_separation = AUDIO_DEFAULT_SEPARATION
int audio_volume = AUDIO_DEFAULT_VOLUME
struct SidEmulation sid [NUMBER_OF_SIDS]

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#define DEBUG_AUDIO_LOCKS (   ...)

Definition at line 56 of file audio65.c.



Definition at line 252 of file audio65.c.


#define MIXED_CHANNELS   10

Definition at line 247 of file audio65.c.


#define NEED_SID_H

Definition at line 21 of file audio65.c.



Definition at line 20 of file audio65.c.



Definition at line 19 of file audio65.c.


#define STREAMS (   n)    (streams + ((n) * (AUDIO_BUFFER_SAMPLES_MAX)))

Definition at line 256 of file audio65.c.


#define STREAMS_SAMPLE (   n,
)    ((int)(STREAMS(n)[d]))

Definition at line 257 of file audio65.c.



Definition at line 255 of file audio65.c.

Function Documentation

◆ audio65_clear_regs()

void audio65_clear_regs ( void  )

Definition at line 338 of file audio65.c.

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◆ audio65_init()

void audio65_init ( int  sid_cycles_per_sec,
int  sound_mix_freq,
int  volume,
int  separation,
unsigned int  buffer_size 

Definition at line 382 of file audio65.c.

◆ audio65_opl3_write()

void audio65_opl3_write ( Uint8  reg,
Uint8  data 

Definition at line 109 of file audio65.c.

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◆ audio65_reset()

void audio65_reset ( void  )

Definition at line 350 of file audio65.c.

◆ audio65_sid_inc_framecount()

void audio65_sid_inc_framecount ( void  )

Definition at line 120 of file audio65.c.

◆ audio65_sid_write()

void audio65_sid_write ( const int  addr,
const Uint8  data 

Definition at line 98 of file audio65.c.

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◆ audio65_start()

void audio65_start ( void  )

Definition at line 367 of file audio65.c.

◆ audio_set_stereo_parameters()

void audio_set_stereo_parameters ( int  vol,
int  sep 

Definition at line 217 of file audio65.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ audio_volume

int audio_volume = AUDIO_DEFAULT_VOLUME

Definition at line 35 of file audio65.c.

◆ sid

Definition at line 37 of file audio65.c.

◆ stereo_separation

int stereo_separation = AUDIO_DEFAULT_SEPARATION

Definition at line 34 of file audio65.c.